1.5 hour or longer exams must sign up for TWO consecutive slots,  example 10 & 11:30.

Choose the correct week, sign up for one of the available time slots, and be early. Tardy students must reschedule, so allow sufficient time before your appointment. Wait quietly in the hall until invited into the Testing Center.

Bring your photo identification and pencils. No other personal items will be allowed into the room! Masks must be fully covering mouth and nose at all times. Violation of this protocol will result in expulsion from testing room.

Do not enter the proctor’s area and remain in your designated station unless directed to move. Masks must be worn at all times during testing.

Proctored Speeches ONLY:

Important Instructions for Proctored Speeches:

  1. Your mask must be worn at all times except when presenting. Everyone in your party must wear masks while in the building, including while you present your speech.
  2. You will be responsible for logging into the computer, opening the file for your speech, and uploading the finished speech to your GoReact account.
  3. You and your party will meet on the XXX floor in the student lounge area. When invited, you will enter room XXX and sit as directed. Do not enter room XXX until the Proctor says you may.
  4. Your party should leave the room after your speech and exit the building. Do not congregate outside the classroom or in the student lounge.
  5. We ask that everyone maintain social distancing protocols (6 feet) and respect the Proctor’s instructions.
  6. Remember to bring a photo id and present it to the Proctor when requested.

Failure to follow the protocols above and/or follow the Proctor’s directions will result in immediate cessation of your proctored event. Your audience members must likewise observe protocols and Proctor directions. Please inform them of the expectations and assure their voluntary participation.