About Us

Academic Support at the Table Rock Campus includes the Learning Lab, the Testing Center, and Library Services. We provide FREE assistance for all students attending OTC, including online students. If you have a question and you don’t know who to ask, call 417-447-7794.

In-person assistance is available from knowledgeable Academic Coaches and Tutors. Drop by room 401 for assistance or you may call 417-447-7794.

The Learning Lab is also a great place to hang out and study independently or with classmates.

Table Rock Testing Center provides FREE proctored testing for all OTC students, including online students.

The Center is located in room 106. Proctored testing is by appointment only. Please click the box below to schedule an appointment.

There are limited appointments, so schedule in advance and arrive on time. Students tardy for their appointments MUST reschedule.

Disability Support Services students must complete both the DSS Testing Form and set an appointment.

Disability Support Services are available at the Table Rock Campus. If you are requesting accommodations, please be prepared to provide documentation concerning your condition(s). Call 417-447-8189 to make an appointment.